Welcome to the Center for Archaeological Research's 50th Anniversary Timeline!

The Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) was created during the summer of 1974 with the goals of providing training and research opportunities through contract archaeology.

Since this small beginning CAR has become a State Certified curation facility, provided outreach programs to the larger South Texas community at events and summer camps, and has published on, participated in, or supported archaeological investigations in over 80 Texas counties, New Mexico, Louisiana, Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. Follow CAR's accomplishments through the the last 50 years.
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Did you know...?

--Over 2,500 archaeological projects are curated at CAR from over 193 Texas counties! About half of these projects contain records and artifacts, while the rest only contain records.

--CAR is the primary facility for curating collections in the greater South Texas region!

--CAR published Lithic Technology, a leading peer-reviewed publication for the study and research of stone tools and production, from 1976 to 1988!

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