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Study Abroad YucatanCOLFA offers a plethora of wide range of local and global opportunities that engage you in areas that compliment your academic endeavors! COLFA Faculty-Led programs are headed by COLFA faculty throughout the country or countries specified below. These programs are usually offered throughout the spring break and summer, and last for 2-4 weeks. Check out your COLFA Study Abroad and Study Away options below and learn more with UTSA Education Abroad!

FACULTY: Dr. Kathryn Brown and Dr. Jason Yaeger

Summer 2022

ABOUT: This 25-day summer faculty-led program offers students the opportunity to learn archaeological field methods first-hand excavating ancient Maya sites in western Belize. Students will learn about survey, mapping, excavation, recording, artifact analysis, and laboratory techniques through evening lectures and workshops, and they will put those techniques into practice each day at the field site and laboratory. Students will also learn about Maya archaeology, architecture, and art by visiting important archaeological sites in the region on weekend field trips.

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FACULTY: Dr. Liang Ward

DATES: Summer 2023 (postponed for 2022)

ABOUT: China summer study abroad is a very affordable three week study abroad program. Students will explore the 5000-year history and diverse cultures in China. Rich Chinese cuisine and world’s heritage sites will blow your mind! You will spend less but enjoy more!

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FACULTY: Dr. Isabelle Hall

Summer 2022 

ABOUT: Students will study in Annecy, a beautiful town in the French Alps, allowing them to discover the French country side and its beauty. During your three week program, the students will attend an intensive French program and stay with host families. The town has a very rich medieval history, so we visit the castle and the churches. Students also go on two excursions: Geneva, Switzerland and Chamonix, France.

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FACULTY: Dr. Drew Stephen and Dr. Bridget Drinka

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

ABOUT: The COLFA Semester in Urbino is a signature study abroad program offering you an extraordinary and affordable opportunity to complete a full semester of your degree while living in Italy. If you have dreamed of traveling to Italy and studying abroad, this is your chance! The COLFA Semester in Urbino offers an environment that will expose you to views that will enrich your social and cultural experience. Upon your return to San Antonio, you will have a deeper understanding of your place in the world and be prepared to make lasting contributions to the international community.

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FACULTY: Dr. Susan Rosenberg

Summer 2023 

ABOUT: This three-week course held during the 4-week J-session of summer 2023 offers students in Classics, Humanities, Archaeology, Art History, History, and Architecture an opportunity to study Roman history and architecture while in Rome, Ostia (the port of Rome), and Pompeii, Italy, to see first-hand the physical setting and structures that framed the development of the Roman Empire. For the first 2 weeks of the course, students will visit major Roman sites and monuments to study the history of the development of the city as well as visit museums to add to this knowledge. In the third week of the course, students will get an opportunity to participate in an archaeological excavation in either Rome or Ostia to gain a deeper appreciation for the study of the ancient world.

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FACULTY: Dr. Kathryn Brown and Dr. Juliet Wiersema

DATES: Spring Break 2022

ABOUT: Through this one-week faculty-led program, UTSA students have a unique opportunity to learn about the ancient Maya by exploring their sites and cities firsthand in the Yucatán over Spring Break. This trip serves as the critical experiential learning component of this 3-credit course taught in Spring 2022.

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FACULTY: Dr. Richard Jones & Dr. Miguel de Oliver

DATES: Summer 2022 

ABOUT: This three-week summer course aims to involve and educate students in the historic dualism between the Indian and the Spaniard, as ingrained in Mexico’s social and economic institutions— pre-Columbian religious beliefs and Catholicism; communal and commercial farming systems; haciendas and plantations; and emigration of peasants and Indians from the center/south to the United States. In Guanajuato, students will visit colonial haciendas and battlegrounds of independence from Spain; in Puebla, they will travel to the largest pre-Hispanic pyramid in the western hemisphere (Cholula) and to a village that sends its sons and daughters to work abroad; and in Mexico City, they see how Spanish churches and palaces were built atop Aztec temples

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FACULTY: Dr. Rebecca Bria

Summer 2022

ABOUT: This four-week summer faculty-led program is an intensive research-based “archaeological field school” in Peru where students learn the techniques and ethics of excavation, human skeletal and artifact analysis, digital recording, and community collaboration while living and working in a village high in the Andes mountains called Hualcayán. Through daily fieldwork and weekly lectures and workshops, students will uncover evidence for how ancient people at Hualcayán (2400 BC–AD 1450) assembled a community, performed rituals in sacred temples, and communicated with the dead by drinking corn beer from effigy vessels crafted in the likeness of their ancestors.

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FACULTY: Dr. Deukhee Gong

Summer 2022 

ABOUT: This three-week faculty-led summer program is an intensive Korean language program where it will allow students to immerse themselves in a variety of cultural excursions and programs with the diverse Korean culture at Kookmin University, in Seoul, South Korea. The program will provide students with 4 credits, which can be transferred to UTSA.

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FACULTY: Dr. Liang Ward

Summer 2023 

ABOUT: Taiwan summer study abroad is one of the largest most popular three week study abroad programs at UTSA. Taiwan is the hometown of bubble milk tea and TSMC (the world’s largest semiconductor). It is the paradise of night markets and beaches. Students will enjoy the beautiful beach vacation and delicious food while exploring the local cultures in Taiwan. Every student will receive the scholarship from Taiwan without any GPA required. You will spend less but enjoy a lot!

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Summer 2023 (5/19-5/23 tentative dates)

This is an Honors program, but non-Honors students are welcome to apply!

Japan – where traditions and modernism intersect.  Experience Japanese culture, shrines, temples, festivals, Tea Farm experiential learning. Understand Japanese history and society, politics and religion, philosophy and business, educational system, and more!

Pell Grant recipients can apply for a Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship. Application deadline is Oct. 6, 2022 and it will reopen again in March 2023. Contact Dr. Drew Chapman at for more info and application process. Other scholarships may be available depending on applicants’ qualifications.