Wednesday, March 20 – Thursday, March 21, 2024
UTSA Main Campus, HEB SU Ballroom

Get ready for the 2024 COLFA Research Conference and Showcase! This annual event offers students at all levels (graduate and undergraduate) opportunities to showcase their original academic and creative work for a community of scholars, friends, and the community.

Click Here for our Full Schedule of Events (including room locations and presenters) (PDF)

Why Participate? 

Share your small bit of genius, gain experience, build your resume, post to social media, boast to family and friends, win cash prizes! 

You already wrote the paper, created the artwork, learned the language. And you earned the “A.” You know it’s good. Why not share it with the world! 

Who’s eligible? 

Any student pursuing a major or graduate degree in a COLFA program (Anthropology, Art, Art History, Humanities, Communication, English, Film and Media, History, Medical Humanities, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy and Classics, Political Science and Geography, Linguistics, Translation and Intepreting Studies, and more) 

How to do it? 

Just fill out the conference application. We’ll contact you and let you know everything you need to do to prep your project for primetime! There is no limit to your number of submissions.

Which category is best for me? 

We’ve got categories for extroverts, introverts; scholars, creatives, and performers; English speakers and Spanish speakers. If you’ve got something to share, we’ve got a way for you to share it. We want to know what you’re thinking. See the categories below to find which best fits your project and personality! 

Key Dates

Application opens: Wednesday, January 10, 2024
Deadline for Applications: Thursday, February 15, 2024
Conference Dates: March 20-21, 2024

$300 Prizes for First Place Winners in each category! 

Poster Presentation

Presentation Categories

· Oral Presentations
· Poster Presentations
· 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) – graduate students only
· Digital Projects and Digital Storytelling
· Music Lecture-Performance
· Creative Writing
· Film & Video
· Art (the 40th Annual Juried Student Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the COLFA Research Conference and Showcase.)

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Showcase Winners

View our 2024 COLFA Research Conference and Showcase Winners

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How to Apply

Created something visually beautiful, interesting, provocative? Do you have a painting, a sculpture, or an installation to share? Any current UTSA student may apply for this exhibition, independent of major, classification, or area of study; you do NOT need to be an Art major to submit! 

Submit your artwork here 40th Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Are you a poet, a storyteller, or just wildly out-of-the-box creative with language? Submit your work of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenplays, stage scripts, hybrid genres, etc here. You will have the opportunity to present your work at the UTSA Literary Voices reading during the conference gala, if you wish. (Works in English, Spanish, Spanglish or any language presently taught at UTSA are encouraged). 


  • Creative Writers must submit a manuscript of 10-20 pages of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, screenplays, stage scripts, etc. Hybrid-genre work is also accepted.
  • Manuscripts must be double spaced in 12 point font, either Arial or Times New Roman.
  • A cover sheet should accompany the creative writing project. It should include the applicant’s phone number and email address. In addition, students should indicate the work's title, their level of study (undergraduate or graduate) along with their program of study. The writer’s name shall not appear anywhere on the work.
  • When filling out the conference application, put "N/A" in the #9 Faculty advisor/mentor space, because this is not required for the creative writing competition. 
  • Submit your manuscript and cover letter through the conference application form, no later than February 15, 2024. 

Click here to submit your application

Have you produced a project for a COLFA class involving at least two media including text, still images, moving images, sound, and/or animation? Then this is the cateogry for you. (Students working in new media/digital media may choose to submit a given piece of work in either Art or Digital Media, but the same work cannot be submitted for both categories). 

Click here to submit your application

Click here for more information on the Digital Media and Storytelling category

Are you a musician who loves both to perform and talk about their craft? This is your place! A brief intro of your work followed by a juried performance. 

Submissions and Presentations

  • Students must provide a spoken introduction to their performance followed by the live performance (or pre-recorded video performance).
  • Each presenter will have 15 minutes, including time for question and answer.  
  • Limit one Music Lecture-Performance submission per student.

Click here to submit your application

Interested in talking about and discussing your work in front of a live audience of professors and students? This category is for a ten-minute talk with PowerPoint followed by Q&A. 


  • Limit one submission per student as primary author. Students can be a contributing author to multiple submissions. In the case of multi-authored works, the first author should be the presenter.
  • The same project cannot be submitted to the Oral Presentation and the Poster Presentation categories.

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Got something to share but more interested in one-on-one engagement? Interested in organizing your ideas in a concise, visual format? Then a poster presentation may be right for you. Just submit your idea. We’ll help you turn it into a poster.

Click here to submit your abstract (We will help you build the poster later)

Click here for more information on the Poster Presentation category

For grad students only, the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) is an invaluable opportunity to showcase your scholarly work or research in a short, live, and lively presentation. It’s a way to mini-TED-Talk your big ideas. Great practice for thesis defenses, job interviews, or cocktail parties. A must for all grad students! 

  • Open to Graduate Students only.

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The purpose of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Spring Research Conference is to showcase the research, scholarly, and creative works of Undergraduate and Graduate students in COLFA. All students are encouraged to submit an application to participate.

CASH PRIZES will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate winners in each category.

  • Submissions can be made in English or español.
  • No limit to submissions per student as the primary author per category.
  • You may submit in more than one category.
  • Deadline to apply: February 15, 2024
  • Students who apply by the deadline will receive an email with conference details at a later date.
  • The conference will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 and  Thursday, March 21, 2024 on UTSA’s Main Campus at the HEB Student Union Ballrooms. Times and location information will be sent at a later date.


  • When applying for the conference, you will be asked to submit an abstract.  
  • Abstracts should be 50-100 words, detailing your submission and what attendees can expect from your presentation, performance, or art work.
  • If you would like guidance on how to write a strong abstract, visit this resource from the Council of Undergraduate Research:
Student with Presentation Board

COLFA Conference & Showcase Workshops: Oral Presentation and Public Speaking

Join COLFA Student Success Center for a workshop series designed to get you ready for the 2024 COLFA Research Conference and Showcase! Are you nervous about presenting your research, creativity, or other Amazing Thing™ at the Conference? We're here to support you! These workshops will talk about how to focus your presentation and work through your nervous energy while practicing confidence.

“The experience and opportunities as a whole were quite rewarding. As an undergraduate planning to go to grad school the chance to do and practice presenting research with critique is priceless.”
Junior, Classical Studies and Humanities
“The opportunity to present something I worked so hard on.”
Junior, Music
“Very friendly and professional; you feel surrounded by like-minded, academic-oriented people who are passionate about their research and are supportive of yours.”
Graduate Student, Art History
“I got to share my voice and hearing others share theirs as well.”
Senior, English
“It gave me an opportunity to talk with faculty about graduate school, and graduate students about their own work at UTSA’s graduate school.”