This is a collaborative project between Dr. Roff, an architectural historian at UTSA, and the Center for Archeological Research, which identified, conserved, and published information on construction-related artifacts gathered from archaeological investigations of presidio, villa, and mission sites that were established in colonial Spanish Texas. Funded by a UTSA GREAT Grant 2016 -2017, one of the objectives of this project was to create new research tools for the field of Spanish Colonial studies. The documentation project resulted in the development of the a research database of Spanish Colonial Construction Tools, Hardware and Materials, as well as ArcGIS Online Maps and Web Applications. The research database catalogs the artifacts of thirty-one colonial sites housed at ten curatorial facilities in Texas and Louisiana, while, the ArcGIS connects the artifacts to the places where they were found. This inventory of archaeological artifacts was developed as the first step in a long-term project to document construction tools and materials housed in archaeological collections in the United States and Mexico.