Legacy Programs

Observing how archaeologists learn about the past through scientific research gives teachers and students a unique opportunity to understand the interdisciplinary nature of archaeology and how it connects science to history and other social studies, as well as math, art, and language arts. All Legacy curricula are designed to meet specific TEKS requirements, so they are easily integrated into the classroom. All programs are provided by experienced CAR archaeologists.

Field Trips to the Center for Archaeological Research at UTSA

The tour takes approximately 2 and a half hours and includes an introduction outlining how archaeologists conduct research, a mock excavation (weather permitting), a tour of the lab, and a lesson in throwing a spear using an atl'atl. A picnic area is available on the UTSA/CAR grounds for lunch. This service is extended to all types of schooling: home, private, public, and other youth groups.

In-Class Presentations

For groups that cannot come to CAR, we can come to you! The Legacy program offers school visits by CAR archeologists to give presentations to classrooms for Career Days, Science Days, or other school relates events. These talks can run from 20 to 45 minutes and include artifact displays, career options in archaeology, and have ample time for questions at the end. These talks can also be augmented to fit variant grade levels. Topics can include:

  • Archaeology 101 - This is an introduction to what archaeology is and what archaeologists study. Basic archaeological methods and tools of the trade are covered. Various jobs available to an archaeologist as well as the educational background required are discussed.
  • Prehistoric and Historic South Texas - With the aid of artifacts (used both as display and hands on), the history before and after European contact are covered. There will be a special emphasis on San Antonio archaeology.
  • Archaeology and You - We will discuss how the students can get involved in archaeology now. Either in upcoming events, volunteer days at sites (if available), as well as introducing local sites accessible to the public.
  • Presenter’s Personal Experiences - As our staff is diverse, peppered throughout the talk the presenter will be adding information based on their own experiences and research interests!

Legacy also works with P20 Initiative, the UTSA's program designed to get middle and high schoolers interested in college early. Learn more about the P20 Initiative here.