Sponsored Projects at CAR

Archaeologists at CAR provide a number of professional services designed to illuminate the human past.

CAR Projects

Learn more about CAR's Projects and see examples visit the Olmos Damn Project and Loma Sandia Site pages.

Cultural Resource Management

  • Consultation on Cultural Resources Management Permitting
  • Archival Research Coordination with Federal, State and Local Oversight Agencies
  • Chain of Title/Deed Research Development of Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation Plans Oral Histories
  • Development of Historic Contexts
  • Consultation on Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation

Historic and Prehistoric Archaeology

  • Files and Record Searches and Literature Reviews
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Phase I Reconnaissance and Intensive Pedestrian Surveys
  • Phase II National Register of Historic Places and State
  • Archeological Landmark Eligibility Testing
  • Phase III Data Recovery Excavations
  • Cemetery (Historic/Prehistoric) Excavation

Curation and Laboratory Processing

  • Analyses of Historic and Prehistoric Cultural Materials
  • Database Design, Construction and Management
  • Preparation of Archaeological Collections for Curation
  • Housing of Held-In-Trust Collections

Historic Research

  • Archival Research
  • Chain of Title/Deed Research
  • Oral Histories