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    Researcher in Residence

    Dr. Mauldin has 40 years of experience in the fields of archaeology and anthropology. He has conducted archaeological fieldwork in the American Southwest, in South America, and throughout Texas. Topical interests include the archaeology of hunter-gatherers, low-level agricultural systems, experimental archaeology, and isotopic research. He has a background in quantitative methods and taught Anthropology as an instructor at New Mexico State and the University of Texas at El Paso. Dr. Mauldin has presented over 75 papers/ posters at professional meetings, co-edited a monograph on lithic technology, and since 1988 has peer reviewed articles in American Antiquity, Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, Journal of Archaeological Science, Kiva, Antiquity, Current Research in the Pleistocene, Texas Journal of Science, Lithic Technology, and Quaternary International. He has served as an author or contributor on more than 70 contract, museum, or conference reports that summarize survey, testing, data recovery, monitoring, and research projects. Dr. Mauldin has worked at UTSA since 1999. He currently serves as the Assistant Director and a Project Archaeologist. He also oversees the Paleo-Research Laboratory at CAR.


    • 1974-1978
      University of Texas, El Paso, Texas. B.A. in Anthropology.
    • 1980-1982
      University of Texas, Austin, Texas. M.A. in Anthropology (awarded 1983). Thesis title, An Inquiry into the Past: Basketmaker II Settlement on Northeastern Black Mesa, Arizona. Thesis chairman, Dr. James A. Neely.
    • 1985-1990
      University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M. Ph.D. in Anthropology (awarded 1995). Dissertation title, Groping for the Past: Archaeological Patterns Across Space and Time in the Southern Southwestern United States. Dissertation chairman, Dr. Lewis R. Binford.


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