Curation at CAR

The Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) at UTSA is a Texas Historical Commission state certified repository for archaeological records and collections.

CAR is interested in collections that follow regional (e.g., San Antonio, south and south-central Texas) and thematic (e.g., Spanish Missions) areas already reflected in our collections. CAR accepts new collections for curation with the understanding that such materials will primarily be used for research. Please contact the curatorial staff if you have questions about submitting collections or records, or about accessing our current holdings. CAR does not charge a fee for accessing collections or records, but research that may require large amounts of staff time should be coordinated in advance.

To learn more about our curation practices, review the Collections Management Policy and Repatriation Policy for the Center for Archaeological Research.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you'd like more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Raymond Mauldin.