The Digital Initiatives hosts internship programs every semester. The internship runs in the form of a Digital Video Marketing Agency for local nonprofits or other clients. Students earn 3-hour credit for completing the internship. To earn internship credit, COLFA students should follow the instructions provided by the COLFA Student Success Center. Students from other colleges need to follow their college’s internship course credit policy. For more information, please email Seok Kang, Director of Digital Initiatives. Below are the videos produced by former interns.

Seok Kang


Seok Kang, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of Digital Initiatives


Spring 2023

The Digital Initiatives hosted an internship for the UTSA John Peace Library.



Video created by interns for UTSA John Peace Library 


UTSA John Peace Library

Fall 2022

The Digital Initiatives hosted two internship programs: Digital Video Marketing Agency for Local Nonprofits and Data Visualization Agency for Clients.

Videos created by interns for nonprofits

House of Neighborly Services

Family Service San Antonio

Alpha Home

Rise Recovery

Links to the UT Health data visualization project links

Spring 2022

The Digital Initiatives hosted an internship on community engagement. The program created promotional videos and ran a social media marketing campaign for community businesses. This internship was a nonprofit promotional campaign for clients. The internship program produced non-commercial videos and conducted campaigns for them.

A link to the digital marketing campaign the student team created for a local restaurant in Spring 2022 is below.

Fall 2021

The Digital Initiatives in COLFA hosted an internship program in the Fall of 2021. This internship offered COLFA students to run a non-profit digital marketing agency. The internship teams completed digital marketing projects for San Antonio public libraries. The agency created promotional videos and ran promotional campaigns on social media for the clients. Students surveyed the clients’ needs and conducted digital marketing campaigns by accommodating the clients' requests. Students earned 3-hour credit for completing this internship. Requirements for the internship were one of the following.

  • Video production experience
  • Social media marketing skills
  • Graphic design

Fall 2021 student team videos

UTSA John Peace Library

Maverick Library 1

Maverick Library 2

Igo Library