The COLFA Digital Initiatives (DI) launches a Faculty Affiliate Program open to the all University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) faculty members from tenured/tenure-track faculty, to fixed term-track faculty, to OIT staff.

Faculty affiliates represent the COLFA Digital Initiatives (DI) and support or engage with the work from research and policy development to related education activities such as student training, mentorship, and events for the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) students in the digital domain.

Once a faculty member is appointed as a faculty affiliate, a position title is assigned and the affiliate works for the DI’s varying projects.

Faculty affiliates receive the following benefits.

  • DI support hosting and cooperating with affiliate-led events (e.g., workshops)
  • Promotion of research
  • Assistance with grant proposals (i.e., from pre- to post-award processes)
  • Interviews with media
  • Relationship support engaging with digital projects including digital curation and digital agencies

Faculty Affiliates

  • John Quarles, CS
  • Steven Kellman, ENG
  • Matthias Hofferberth, POL
  • Jessica Eise, COM
  • Jessica Nowlin, PHI
  • Jodi Peterson, HIS
  • Robert Tokunaga, COM
  • Milena Ang Collan Granillo, POL
  • Ragan Glover, COM
  • Paul Ardoin, PHI
  • Shamshad Khan, COM
  • Rebecca Bria, ANT