This program is designed to provide COLFA students with a professional experience in the digital startup field while preparing students for real careers upon graduation. Students who join the COLFA Digital Startup Program will build a learning community and professional support network with peers in the COLFA cohort while also develop knowledge and skills for a professional career in digital businesses.

Students of the COLFA Digital Startup Program will form multiple sub-groups that conceptualize, plan, establish, and prepare to run a startup in the digital business field. Digital startups are new companies that seek, develop, and validate a business model with disruptive innovations. Ideas of digital startups may include but are not limited to, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, Gen AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, and gaming.

Once a startup idea is in shape, the Digital Initiatives in COLFA will cooperate with VPREDKE (Vice President for Research, Economic Development and Knowledge Enterprise) to pursue the commercialization of the innovation.

If interested, contact Seok Kang ( or sign up to be a member of the startup program here.