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Mission Statement

The Digital Initiatives (DI) in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts fosters a digital technology environment that offers faculty, students, and communities opportunities to conduct research and experience learning. The new opportunities afforded by digital and information technologies will enable faculty and students to adopt disruptive innovations and be forerunners in advancing experiential technology. DI supports interdisciplinary research, community engagement, student projects, research grants, and scholarly and professional events regarding digital agendas in the Humanities and Social Sciences. DI brings faculty researchers, intellectuals, students, and community partners together to engage in conversations about a better digital environment.

Seok Kang


Seok Kang, Ph.D.

Professor, Director of Digital Initiatives



There are two objectives of DI. DI supports faculty research and student learning in the digital domain.

  1. DI aims to provide COLFA and UTSA faculty and students with opportunities to research, network, learn, experience, and develop projects in the digital field. DI supports a wide variety of research projects that address questions about digital studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. DI helps students graduate with real-world skills that can be beneficial for careers. COLFA students can collaborate with students from other colleges to produce interdisciplinary project outcomes. Through classes and workshops, DI assists students in becoming competitive professionals in the digital industry.

The DI brings faculty researchers, intellectuals, and community partners together to engage in conversations about a better digital environment.


1) Faculty Research Support and Collaboration

  • Big data analysis
  • User experience
  • Extended reality
  • Online/mobile behavior
  • Digital curation/exhibitions
  • Computational media
  • Digital art
  • Digital music
  • Digital health
  • Digital technologies in organizations
  • Political life
  • Digital linguistics
  • Data visualization
  • Data science
 2) Digital Humanties Lab (SPI 260A) 
  • National grant proposal development
  • Workshops
  • Project meetings
  • Collaboration with data science researchers
 3) Mircrocredential Program 
  • Digital storytelling
  • Data visualization
  • Cybersecurity
 4) Digital Marketing Internship
  • Video production
  • Websites for local clients
  • Social media marketing
5) Collaborative Digital Humanities Fellows Program
  • Interdisciplinary fellow cohorts
  • Digital storytelling projects
  • Symposium




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