Audition Dates 2024-2025

Date Areas
November 16th, 2024 (Spring Entrance) All Areas
February 22nd, 2025 All Areas**
March 8th, 2025 All Areas**
May 3rd, 2025 All Areas

**Scholarship Audition Date. Scholarships available in all areas.

How to Apply

You must begin your application to the University of Texas at San Antonio prior to applying for an audition with the School of Music. Through this process, you will obtain your UTSA ID (abc123) which will be used throughout the audition process. Access UTSA Admissions Information. 

Once you have submitted your application to the university, you must apply to audition/interview with the School of Music. Ensure that this application is filled out thoroughly as it will serve as the application for your audition/interview, your admission to our school, and your application for scholarship consideration. You will be required to submit references for your letters of recommendation; be sure to have current email address for your references.

Apply to Audition/Interview for UTSA Music

If you are granted an audition/interview, you will need to complete the audition/interview. Review the Repertoire Requirements for your instrument.

If you have general questions, please review the FAQs below. If you have specific questions about your area of interest, reach out to your Program Contact. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Your abc123 is your UTSA ID. You will be assigned a UTSA ID when you fill out your application for admission to the university. You will use your UTSA ID throughout the admissions and auditions process. You will be assigned an email account attached to your abc123 as well, to which official university communication will be sent; this includes communications from our department. You will be asked to set a passphrase to log in to your abc123 email account (; should you have trouble with your passphrase, visit the Passphrase Portal.

When you complete your application to audition/interview for our department, you will receive an automated confirmation that your audition record has been created. If you do not receive an email to your assigned abc123 email account within one day of applying, notify us via email at

Two weeks prior to your requested audition date.

You will receive confirmation of your scheduled time on the Monday of your audition/interview week (for example, if you are auditioning on Saturday, May 4, you will receive confirmation via email to your abc123 email account on Monday, April 29).

May 1st, 2024 for Fall 2024 entry (incoming freshmen, transfer students, graduate students).


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