The Bachelor of Arts degree in Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary degree which allows students to combine education in the humanities and social sciences with scientific training in order to advance their career goals in the health and medical professions. Students complete the university core curriculum requirements and take a cohesive set of courses from the natural sciences augmented by work in the humanities and social sciences. 

UTSA’s Medical Humanities program offers three concentrations: (1) Health Careers, (2) Pre-Medicine, (3) Pre-advanced practice. All concentrations focus on graduating students with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the scientific, social, historical, cultural and ethical aspects of health and medical care. Alumni pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, public health, genetic counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical writing, medical illustration, ethics consulting, hospice work, medical interpretation, and the law.

 One of the largest and burgeoning undergraduate programs of its kind in the United States, the UTSA Medical Humanities Program is committed to build a diverse healthcare workforce that embody the values of transculturalism, translingualism, diversity, inclusion, and empathy in healthcare settings and beyond.

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Medical Humanities

If you hold an appreciation for the history of medicine, the physician-patient relationship, and the need for strong social competence in health care, you may wish to major in medical humanities.