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Welcome to the History Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio, home to 25 full-time faculty and over 300 history majors!

Our faculty consists of frontline research scholars exploring subjects in all parts of the world from the U.S. and Latin America to the Atlantic world, the Indian Ocean, and beyond. Our teaching programs feature a team of innovative, award-winning professors grounded in advanced pedagogies and committed to student success. In addition to our popular History B.A. that introduces students to the fun and rigor of learning and practicing history, the department offers a social studies concentration for students seeking teaching certification. We also offer a History M.A., one of the largest and most robust graduate programs in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, where a significant number of students receive funding, including the department’s prestigious Nau scholarships. I encourage you to explore these pages to learn more about us and about the world of history unfolding before our eyes.

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Wing Chung Ng, Ph.D.


Wing Chung Ng, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Professor



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We appreciate your interest in the Department of History and extend our warmest welcome to you from the Department.

History Department Leadership

The leadership of the History Department represents a collection of conscientious faculty who work as a team to provide the best educational experience for students while representing the vision of the department to the administration at large. Each role serves a different function, but together they meet the needs of our diverse student and faculty body.

Dr. Abe Gibson

Assistant Department Chair

Abe Gibson, Ph.D.

Dr. Gabriela Gonzalez

Undergraduate Advisor of Record

Gabriela Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Konove

Graduate Advisor of Record

Dr. Andrew Konove, Ph.D.

Student Spotlight

The students and alumni of the U.T.S.A. Department of History accomplish so much both while in the program and when they leave. Every student leaves a lasting imprint on our program and our pride in these incredible individuals spans beyond their time with us. Check out just a few examples of our incredible current students and our amazing alumni!

Alexander Main

Alexander Main

Alexander Main has been accepted and will attend Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Army after Boot Camp. We are so proud of his achievements which he credits to his faith and family.
Katalina Lopez

Katalina Lopez

Katalina Lopez is one of our Nau Scholars in the M.A. program. Her presentation at the Nau Symposium in Fall of 2023 was exceptional.  She aspires to become a dedicated historian and travel as much as possible.
Nidal Wadi

Nidal Wadi

Nidal Wadi is one of our Social Studies majors and president of the UTSA History Club. He has traveled to New York in the Study Away Program and says coming to UTSA was one of the best decisions he has ever made!
During an upcoming five-week trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, UTSA students will attend classes at the Universidad Autónoma de Benito Juarez de Oaxaca and participate in community-engaged learning programs.

May 15, 2024

Study Abroad at UTSA

UTSA Today highlights the wide variety of study abroad opportunities at the university and within COLFA, including over 20 university-led programs that are taught by dedicated faculty and staff who have the expertise to offer unique academic experiences abroad.

Dr. Kirsten Gardner

March 26, 2024

Dr. Kirsten Gardner featured on PBS, The Cancer Detectives

Published by UTSA History

Dr. Kirsten Gardner appeared in a powerful, moving, and comprehensive look at the development of cancer screening for women and the key roles women played as medical activists in the PBS series The American Experience: Cancer Detectives.

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