Since 2014, funds from John Nau III have allowed top students at UTSA’s Department of History to prosper as scholars and historians. The UTSA Master’s in History Program encourages research in history, with at least two of our Nau Scholars annually researching Texas history and 19th Century U.S. Civil War history. With the renewal of funding from our generous donor in 2020, we decided to hold an annual symposium featuring Nau Scholars currently enrolled--and one or more of our former Nau Scholars (currently enrolled in doctoral programs) at an annual presentation of research. We hoped to highlight how our program nurtures and promotes historical research and to encourage more scholars to enroll and promote the historical values associated with the Nau Scholarships.

Catherine Clinton, Denman Chair of American History


Conference Presenters:
  • Matthew Hild
  • Anne Sarah Rubin
  • Matthew Hild
  • Montana Williamson
  • Erin Shearer
  • Amanda Kleintop
  • Daniel Farrell
  • William Kiser
  • Patrick Kelly

Presenters covered topics on Texas History, Civil War History, and Global History


Symposium Presenters:

  • Adam Hasewinkle
  • Brianna Dzierzanowski
  • Eva Morales
  • Liz Reichman
  • J. Grey Miller
  • Allex Fambles
  • Ona Powell
  • D'Ago Morales-Ferrari
  • Delilah Hernandez
  • Matt Hinojosa


Conference Presenters:

Presenters covered topics on Texas History, Civil War History, and Global History

  • Joseph Lee Locke, PhD
  • Chelsea Stallings
  • Jessica Luther Rummel
  • Justin Randolph, PhD
  • John Weber, PhD
  • Jose Luis Cano Jr.
  • Briana Salas
  • Brianna Nofil, PhD
  • Christopher Ndubuizu, MPH, CHES
  • Jeff Littlejohn, PhD
  • Antonio Vasquez, PhD
  • Stephanie Jensen, M.Ed.


Keynote Speaker: Teri Castillo, UTSA Alumna, Nau Scholar & City of San Antonio Council Woman

Symposium Presenters:

  • Cristobal Lopez
  • Kristel Orta-Puente
  • Rebecca Gonzalez
  • Megan Michelac
  • Monica Palacios
  • David Barnds
  • Michael Gray
  • Andrea Varga
  • Laura Narvaez
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