Getting Through

The History program at U.T.S.A. offers many exciting opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Our celebrated faculty members challenge and inspire you while your peers provide important support networks as you move along through the program.  We have a History Club for majors, minors, and literally any student on campus to join.  Our Signature Experiences provide unique ways to study the past.  The Nau Program offers so much to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Many of these programs are showcased on their own pages and accessible via the links in the right menu.  However, there is so much more to share to help you get through the program successfully.  Read through the sections below to learn more about our exciting program! Be sure to contact you undergraduate advisor of record or graduate advisor of record to make sure you right on track!


Historical Methodology

The History program offers a course for undergraduates and one for graduate students on the work of the historian.  These methodology courses (HIS 3013 or HIS 5003) provide you with the framework to tackle research projects and succeed in your upper division and graduate level course work!

Senior and ProSeminar Research Courses

Both undergraduate and graduate students master the ability to write before they complete the program working with top rated faculty such as Dr. Catherine Clinton and Dr. Jorge Felipe-Gonzalez (pictured above).  Undergraduates take HIS 4973 while graduate students take either HIS 6813 and 6903 or complete an M.A.thesis.

Social Studies Concentration

The B.A. in History with the Social Studies Concentration prepares students for a teaching career in Texas public middle and high schools.  The Social Studies Concentration Certification Exam is one of the most difficult in the state to pass.  Our HIS 4143 required course for concentration majors includes a virtual study lab to prepare!  We are the only institution with this lab!