The COLFA Semester in Urbino invites you to spend 13 weeks in the historical walled city of Urbino—World Heritage Site and renowned center of Italian literature, art, and culture. You will complete a full semester of UTSA courses while you immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Italy.

Explore the ancient streets of Urbino and travel with your professors to Rome, Florence, Venice, and other historical cities. You’ll learn Italian and live among Italian students at the University of Urbino, surrounded by stunning mountains with the gorgeous Adriatic coast less than an hour away. Experience the art, architecture, food, and language of Italy for yourself!

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UTSA Study Abroad in Urbino, Italy

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Upcoming Semesters

Each semester has a thematic focus that will appeal broadly to the various departments in COLFA. Upcoming semesters include:

Fall 2024: Anthropology

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