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Ananse Leadership Program

Ananse is a west African (Akan) god of stories, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity, all of which are features of College of Liberal and Fine Arts degrees. Often taking human form, Ananse is known for the valuable lessons humanity learns through stories and solving riddles.

The Ananse Leadership Program is a free program which seeks to encourage COLFA students to grow in areas of critical thinking, effective communication, and other elements of professional development including navigation of career spaces, identity, bias, and more.

Each session brings a new topic with exercises to implement what we learn throughout the week. Students who complete the program are eligible for a scholarship!

What YOU can expect:

  • Internship search assistance!
  • Opportunities for professional development including leadership styles and conflict resolution, as well as personal growth in relation to identity and critical thinking skills.
  • Challenges that encourage growth and connection to your personal career path.

What WE expect:

  • A desire to develop personally and professionally
  • Attendance at 80% or more of the weekly meetings and workshops.
    • 10-week program, Mondays, in-person (1604 campus)
      • Fall: September to November | Spring: February to April
    • You will meet one day a week.
  • Weekly reflections incorporating the practice of concepts in your daily life

DEADLINE to Apply: One Week (7 Days) after the start of the semester.
Please note, the applications will be closed once spaces are full.
Questions should be sent to colfassc@utsa.edu.

Apply Now for Fall 2024!