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Two anthropology studentsCOLFA offers a plethora of extracurricular opportunities to engage you. Engagement is more than just going to class and home. COLFA offers a wide range of extracurricular opportunities that engage you in areas that compliment your academic endeavors! Many COLFA students participate in student organizations and serve in a multitude of leadership positions. Check out your options below or view more UTSA organizations here.

Whether you’re a major, minor, or just plain interested in anthropology, please come by and join us at our meetings and participate in events! We hold weekly meetings to discuss member selected topics related to anthropology, play fun games and activities, and hang out with other people interested in anthropology. We table every week with our mascot Ambonio, and host an Anthro Expo every semester to promote classes in the Department of Anthropology. We organize fun events which have included pancake breakfasts, camping and hiking trips, Halloween costume parties, a Maya hot chocolate fundraiser, and multiple museum visits. We also run booths in campus wide events like Best Fest and Día en la Sombrilla. The Anthro Society is a great way to connect with other students, learn more about anthropology, and get involved on campus!

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Student Art Society is a network for students of all majors seeking to enhance aesthetic appreciation, engage in art-making, and gain multicultural, intergenerational awareness. Meetings include discussions on history and culture as well as instructional workshops and plein-air painting sessions. Working with the Wunderkammer for Ontological Observation (WOO Lab), SAS promotes students to investigate how scientific methodologies can inform approaches to art making and promotes students in the sciences to engage with the curiosity they feel for their research through conceptual, expressive lenses of art. Student Art Society organizes fundraisers, selling member-designed art stickers, with all profits donated to Bihl Haus Arts programs to promote wellness among veterans, under-served older adults, and underrepresented groups through engagement with the arts. Moreover, SAS seeks to support individual artists, artist collectives, and the institutions that support them. SAS aspires to garner awareness in seeking greater, robust support for access to art education, celebration of local cultures, or preservation of cultures of marginalized populations.

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“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” – Ira Glass

Storytellers at UTSA is a nonprofit student organization that nourishes the storytelling culture at the University of Texas at San Antonio as well as the San Antonio Community. In partnership with the San Antonio Storytelling Association, Storytellers at UTSA engage in a variety of super fun storytelling activities including our signature event each Spring: UTSA StorySLAM!

We also focus on:

  • Leadership and Communication Training and Development
  • Open Mic Story Swaps
  • Story Crafting and Works Telling (Workshops / Critiques)
  • Visit Storytelling Festivals and Storytelling Conferences
  • Master Classes With Professional Storytellers

In partnership with the S.A. Storytelling Association: Join Us For Every First Wednesday of The Month For Story Night on Zoom.

All majors are welcome. Please join us to listen or to tell. Undergrad and Graduate Students are welcome. We connect storytellers across disciplines.”

The Language Learning Organization at UTSA provides materials/resources for learning any language. Additionally, we offer opportunities to get 1-on-1 practice with native speaking tutors to help learn or elevate your language proficiency. Furthermore, the organization fosters a productive learning space to study with like-minded people regardless of language similarity. Resources/materials are available for the following languages:

Akkadian, Classical Syriac, Hebrew, Swahili, Tagalog, Thai, Mongolian, Korean, Hungarian, Hindi, Bengali, Kurdish, Armenian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Czech, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Irish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Malay, Finnish, Estonian, Georgian, African Languages, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Modern Greek, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, German, Yiddish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

Any language not listed just means that we don’t offer resources for that language on hand. We WILL find materials/resources for you to learn your target language regardless if we currently have them.

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In the spirit of education and cooperation among the students at UTSA, the Model United Nations Society at the University of Texas at San Antonio allows students to step into the shoes of the world’s diplomats in a simulation of United Nations Assemblies. In the process, students will learn about a broad array of issues facing our world, improve their networking, leadership, and communication skills, in addition to having the opportunity to attend conferences across Texas and the United States. We also host our own conference every fall, coordinate local events, and discuss important international current events.

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The Global Intelligence Association strives to keep students informed on global affairs and politics and introduce them to the field of intelligence. We meet weekly, often inviting professional speakers to discuss important topics surrounding intelligence and security. This organization is a great resource for students to stay informed on current events, learn to critically analyze and problem solve, and build their network of professionals in this field.

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Clayfusion is a student organization at UTSA. Its purpose is to promote awareness of the Ceramic Arts, and the works of UTSA art students at the local, regional, and national levels. Its activities are centered on enhancing the educational experience of its student members and that of the UTSA community at large. Activities include fundraisers, sales, student exhibitions, lectures, and field trips. Membership is open to all UTSA students.

Clayfusion hosts two art sales annually that help fund a range of student opportunities including: visiting lecturers, student attendance at conferences and workshops and other activities. Stay tuned to find out when our next Art Sale will be held!

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The Chinese Language and Culture Club is an organization dedicated to those who are interested in learning more about the Chinese Language and Culture. Our club focuses on introducing many arts of Chinese culture, including Calligraphy, Water Painting, Dance, and Food. Every week, we plan activities for students to explore many aspects of Chinese cultures and explain how important holidays are celebrated. Additionally, we seek to aid those interested in speaking Mandarin Chinese at a basic level. Besides providing weekly activities for UTSA students to participate in and engage Chinese language and cultures, our club also offers free tutoring sessions with Native Mandarin Chinese speakers every week. The goal of this club is to connect more students to the Language and Culture of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong through fun interactive activities.

We provide a place for UTSA students to meet friends where people have relatable backgrounds and experiences of upbringing and childhood. Other than that it includes a place to learn a new Chinese culture and people who are willing to learn and are open minded. It is a club to be a part of and make the most of college experience.

The story of how this club started began in Taiwan on a study-abroad trip of 2019. All original members were former or at the time current students of the professor Dr. Liang Ward who organized the study-abroad trip in 2019. In the states taking the class we were all distant, didn’t know much about each other, didn’t really interact, just showed up and it felt like any other class we had. We got to know each other, spoke and interacted more than we had in the whole year we had while taking Chinese class at UTSA. The main idea we proposed was that we make a club to create that same experience for other UTSA students.

Based on our mission, we invited UTSA students to attend different cultural events host by our organization every semester, and it’s been 2 years so far. Even during pandemic time, we still met through online platforms.

UTSATSA is a student organization form for international students from Taiwan. UTSATSA is aimed to help new students from Taiwan to fit in at UTSA as soon as possible, providing advices for new students may have on documentation problem, also share information and activity of other organization like Texas Taiwanese Biotechnology Association Annual Symposium, jobs information, and position openings. For example, announcements from Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston, sometime were not delivered efficiently; therefore, one of UTSATSA jobs is to make as more Taiwanese students get information as soon as possible. Basically, when international students from Taiwan have questions, UTSATSA usually is the first organization they can seek for help, and we are ready to serve.

We also organized Chinese cultural events and activities for all Taiwanese students and faculty to join together. By doing so, we help them engage home-country activities and connect with other friends from Taiwan as well.

We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of youth by revealing the ‘hidden curriculum’ and by motivating students to engage in furthering education. This program works to expose and provide different career opportunities for students enrolled at schools. College students from local universities volunteer to connect with the students and tutor them in their academics to strengthen them in different subjects. The activities aim to focus on a curriculum that teachers cannot incorporate in depth in school. To prepare students for higher education, career preparation counseling is provided.

Our visions are:
(1) we support youth to become innovative and well-rounded in knowledge;
(2) we assist instructional programs through supplementing a versatile curriculum; and
(3) we connect youth to local industries to enable them to follow their passions.

Therefore, we helped some UTSA students provide free tutoring for K-12 school students in our communities through Dr. Ward’s help. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t complete our mission in 2020, but we are ready to do community services again in the coming fall of 2021. With the opportunities we provide, we believe UTSA students will gain more abilities needed for future jobs, increasing their competency in the global society.

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Rowdy Films Association (RFA) was created in September 2018 with the purpose of bringing together the students of UTSA who are interested in film production and to build an established film community on campus. Our organization welcomes all levels of film enthusiasts. We cover a wide variety of stages and elements of filmmaking, including screenwriting, cinematography, and editing. In order to create a more prominent film presence on campus we provide educational avenues for the students to learn and develop their film talents; such as, workshops, presentations, interactive activities, and group filming projects. In addition to studying film production, RFA serves as an avenue in which students can collaborate on members personal film projects ,as well as gain access to other career opportunities in the film industry.

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The UTSA Clarinet Studio organization is comprised of students majoring in music whose primary instrument is clarinet. The organization provides additional opportunities for social interaction and development outside of class time as well as fundraising opportunities. This fundraising helps promote the Clarinet Studio and aims to bring guest artists and clinicians to the UTSA campus for supplemental educational experiences, including guest recitals and master classes and a Clarinet Day recruiting event.

Our mission statement is, “To provide opportunities for members of the percussion studio to succeed in their professional careers through outreach and activities in their surrounding communities”. The members have raised funds to support guest clinicians and artists to visit campus. They have also worked to provide additional funding for a member to attend a conference or workshop. “

Promotion of saxophone studio. Allows students to create performance opportunities, spread the word about the UTSA Music Department and gives students leadership opportunities within the organization.

The Philosophy Club provides weekly meetings, where we discuss various philosophical topics that are either submitted by members or decided upon by club leadership. Additionally, we hold a conference on a semester-by-semester basis, where students can present their ideas or philosophical projects in a safe setting.

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MOB (Musicians of Business) is a music business and arts organization that works towards student enlightenment and community through music and art. We host many creative events such as Open Mic Nights, Poetry Slams, and Festivals. Our most memorable event of the year is UTSA Underground. A Music Arts Festival that takes place in the UTSA tunnels where 15-20 acts of all genres and styles perform on separate stages and visual artists display their works. We encourage creativity at UTSA by hosting events where students can shine.

The purpose of Blueprints for Pangaea is to spread, promote, and educate the public on sustainable solutions for healthcare resources through the collection and redistribution of unused medical supplies to areas in need around the world.

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Doctors Without Borders is an international and neutral emergency response organization that treat people with medical needs regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. This student chapter aims to support and promote Doctors Without Borders through awareness and education of the humanitarian work that is conducted by the global organization. We aim to build a sense of community with our members and UTSA as a whole in order to promote our mission and aid our members in finding new opportunities and passions in healthcare.

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The History Club at UTSA has as its mission the lively discussion and debate of the discipline of history among the UTSA community. The organization hosts movie discussion forums, book clubs, research presentations, speakers from UTSA and the broader community, and local historical appreciation.

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