Writing Your Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose should describe your academic and other qualifications to be admitted to this program, areas of interest in the program, and goals related to pursuing the Master’s degree in Communication. The statement is submitted on line and should be 500-750 words long.

The Statement of Purpose is used by the Graduate Advisory Committee to assess two dimensions of your suitability for the master’s program in the Department of Communication. First, the committee uses the Statement of Purpose to assess your ability to articulate an argument using clear and concise language, with a definite thesis, well-illustrated supporting points, and a coherent overall message. Second, the committee uses the Statement of Purpose to assess the degree to which your academic or career goals (along with your understanding of the program) match the characteristics of the master’s program and the expertise of the graduate faculty. Beyond this, you should see the Statement of Purpose as your opportunity to persuade the selection committee that your background and interests are well-matched to the curriculum we offer, and that you are ready to engage the challenges and expectations of a graduate-level program.

You should prepare to write your Statement of Purpose by carefully studying the available materials about the Department of Communication, the master’s program, and the graduate faculty. Consider which aspects of your background prepare you for entering our graduate program. Your Statement of Purpose provides an opportunity for you to describe aspects of your background that may not be evident from other application materials and how these aspects relate specifically to your desire to complete a master’s degree in Communication.