The Communication Advisor helps students within the Communication Department earn their degrees with a maximum of educational value and a minimum of confusion and chaos. Advisors are available to answer student questions and help Communication majors plan their course of study. Information is available on the following subjects:

  • Catalog and degree requirements: What exactly are the courses needed to get you the degree you want?
  • Transfer of course work: If you transfer to UTSA, how will the course work you've already completed apply to your major and support work?
  • Scholarships and honors: How do you qualify and apply for these programs?
  • Career information: What can you do with the degree once you get it?
  • Teacher Certification: How do you get to stand on the other side of the desk?
  • Professional organizations in your field of study: Why wait? Start networking now!
  • Graduate school admissions: When you're ready to graduate, where do you go from here?
  • Standardized tests: What exactly are the TASP, GRE, CLEP, AP, GMAT, EXCET, and so forth?
  • Study abroad: How do you plan study abroad so that the courses you take overseas will apply to your degree plan?

To Contact an Advisor

  • Virtual Advising: UTSA Advising Center- Social Sciences
  • By phone: Call 458-4900 to get office hours of operation or to leave a short message for the advisor.
  • By fax: Fax letters or transcripts to be evaluated. Call 458-4900 for specific information.
  • Department Undergraduate Advisor (UGAR): Charles Wright, MB 2.248C.

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