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Please fill out the appropriate form. If the form is a pdf, send it to the professor for their signature, and email it to ArtDepartment.Workstudy@utsa.edu.

BA and BFA Senior Seminars

BA Senior Seminar 

The BFA project and exhibition for the senior year is a 2-semester requirement. Students must first take the BFA Senior Seminar and Project course in their first senior semester, and the BFA Senior Seminar and Exhibition in their graduating semester.

BFA Senior Seminar and ProjectBFA Senior Seminar and Exhibition

Interdisciplinary Classes

Cultural Interchanges AHC 4353+ART 3033 - F24

Mining and Mapping AHC 4353+ART 3033 - F24

The interdisciplinary classes are upper-level art history and studio classes that must be taken together in the same semester. To enroll for one, students must enroll in the companion class associated with the same topic.

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