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Research interests in geography include human, urban, feminist, environmental, physical geography, GIS, Middle East, political and cultural, racial and gender disparities, consumerization of urban landscape, political economy of US-Mexican relations, evolving Mexico-US undocumented migration, European periphery-core migration (Ireland, Spain), Texas/Mexico borderlands, historical geography of the Greater Southwest, exploration and imaging of Texas High Plains, and the revelation of 19th century culture.

Political Science

American Politics

Research interests include American political development, comparative political economy, American political behavior, political communication, political psychology, American political institutions, public law and public policy, women in politics, latino/a politics, research methods, American electoral behavior, and Congress and legislative studies.

International Politics

Research interests include international relations, comparative politics, Asian politics, crime control policy and politics, national security and intelligence policies, security studies in domestic and international contexts, U.S. foreign policy, foreign policies of less developed countries, Middle Eastern Politics, theories of international relations, international institutions, South Asia, global governance and globalization, European politics, European Union studies, human rights, and comparative foreign policy.


Research interests include political theory, contemporary theories of justice, ethics, and history of political thought.

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