Miguel De Oliver, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science and Geography

Miguel De Oliver


Dr. Miguel de Oliver, Associate Professor of Geography (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University) has been at UTSA since 1992. Much of Dr. de Oliver's research centers upon demographic disparities in the postmodern urban landscape. A particular interest has been consumerism and the manifestations of racial/ethnic inequality in the North American built environment. Spanning from 2001 to the present, articles such as "Multicultural Consumerism and Racial Hierarchy: A Case Study of Market Culture and the Structural Harmonisation of Contradictory Doctrines" (Antipode, 2001) and “Gentrification as the Appropriation of Therapeutic ‘Diversity” (Urban Studies, 2016) typify this theme. The contrasting experience and practice of ‘social distancing’ by increasingly alienated urban/suburban, as well as race/ethnic, demographics is contextualized by such publications as “Utilizing the metanarrative of ‘suburbia’ as a common axis for the racial diversity of middle class reurbanization projects” (Urban Affairs Review, 2017). His present research highlights the increasingly problematic relationship between race, disparity, and alienation. His latest article titled “Emporia and the Exclusion Identity: Conservative Populist Alienation in the USA and Its Anti-immigrationism” (International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, 2021) introduces this theme. This form of alienation is just the leading edge of a politically destabilizing dynamic that will expand to other demographic segments with the intensification of globalization.


  • World Regional Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Geography of North America
  • Urban Geography
  • Mexican Field Course (Study Abroad)
  • The Geography and Politics of the Asian Rim
  • Space and Identity Crisis in the postmodern Era
  • Governments and Politics of East Asia

Research Interests

  • Political and Cultural Geography
  • Racial and Gender Disparities
  • Consumerization of Urban Landscape
  • Political Economy of US-Mexican Relations

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