Poster presenters must be available for their poster session (usually 1 hour in length) to discuss their project with judges and conference attendees.  

The same project cannot be submitted to the Oral Presentation and the Poster Presentation categories

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Posters should include:

  • Title. Keep it short and attention-getting.
  • Author name(s), affiliations; faculty advisor name(s)
  • Introduction. Condense your main idea or question into one or two sentences. 
  • Method/Approach. Explain what you did and how you are doing it. 
  • Conclusion. State what you’ve learned and what remains to be learned.
  • Images and graphics.  Images should be between 200 ppi and 300 ppi to ensure clear resolution on the printed poster.  Be sure to credit your sources if using images that you do not own the rights to. 
  • Bibliography. Max 4-5 sources

Poster Size and Material

  • Posters dimensions 36 inches tall x 48 inches wide, in landscape orientation. Your poster will be printed by COLFA for use in the conference.
  • Posters must be printed on vinyl or heavy paper.
  • Other sizes or materials may not fit or attach to display frames.