Welcome to the Department of Political Science and Geography! With 22 full-time faculty and over 700 undergraduate and graduate students, we are one of the largest departments in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts (COLFA).

Our department is home to nationally and internationally recognized faculty who represent a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches within Political Science and Geography, teach and publish on topics central to the major fields of our two disciplines, and are among the most honored and highly rated classroom instructors at UTSA. We are dedicated to assisting our students with their career choices ranging from graduate school to law school to politics to government to non-profits to the private sector.

The department offers four undergraduate programs: Geography and Environmental Sustainability, Global Affairs, Politics and Law, and Political Science. Our undergraduate programs in Geography and Environmental Sustainability and Political Science also have teaching tracks that allow students to receive a secondary social studies certification upon completion of the program. The department offers three graduate programs in Geography, Global Affairs, and Political Science. We also serve all undergraduate students at UTSA by offering required courses in American and Texas Politics in fulfillment of UTSA’s core curriculum (Texas Education Code §51.301 Core Curriculum Component Area 070).

As geographers and political scientists, we are strongly committed to all forms of inclusion and diversity, including varieties of personal experiences, circumstances, and worldviews that arise from differences in ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, indignity, economic class, religion, different abilities, age, culture, and geography. We take pride in the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our faculty, staff, and students and are inspired by those who express their rights to freedom of speech, assembly, petition, and the press to push for social change. We recognize that our students represent the next generation of thought leaders and agents of change and steadfastly support them with the analytical tools necessary to assist them in the realization of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society.

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