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The Master of Music degree program at the UTSA School of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

The Master of Music Degree offers the opportunity for qualified students to pursue advanced study in music with an emphasis in conducting, music performance, music education, or pedagogy and performance. The degree is designed to develop and foster high achievement in performance and teaching; to prepare the student for a career as a performer, conductor, or educator; or to serve as a basis for pursuing doctoral studies in music.

School of Music Graduate Advisors

J. Drew Stephen, Ph.D.

J. Drew Stephen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Music History, Graduate Advisor


ART 3.02.10


Stephanie Westney, D.M.A.

Stephanie Westney, D.M.A.

Professor of Instruction



ART 3.01.36

Students may enroll in Master's Degrees with an emphasis in performance in voice, piano, organ, guitar, strings, woodwinds, percussion or brass; in choral or instrumental conducting; in music education; or in vocal or piano pedagogy and performance. Also offered are Graduate Certificates in keyboard pedagogy and keyboard performance.

Graduate courses are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year, allowing students to complete degrees by taking evening and summer classes.

Program Admission Requirements

Students applying for the Master of Music Degree or the Graduate Certificate in Music must satisfy both university and departmental admission requirements. In order to be considered for admission all students must:

  1. Hold a Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education degree with a major in their intended area of graduate emphasis or the equivalent
  2. Complete the official online application for the University of Texas at San Antonio Graduate School. Three letters of recommendation must be submitted to the university application form.
  3. Complete the Audition Application Form. Please complete this form even if you plan to audition by video or, in the case of music education applicants, you are submitting teaching materials. The Audition Application Form provides the department of music with important contact information and helps us to process your application efficiently.

Specific audition requirements for each emphasis are listed in the UTSA Catalog - Graduate Music Degrees. The School of Music does not require the GRE.

The deadline for Summer and Fall admission is February 1. The deadline for Spring admission is October 15


The School of Music occupies a wing of the Arts Building that includes a 500-seat recital hall, two large rehearsal halls, practice rooms, classrooms, and faculty studios and offices. The music faculty incorporates technology at all levels of instruction, performance, and composition. The hub of the music technology program is the Music Tech Lab, a production facility and computer lab where students work with industry-standard programs such as Pro Tools (for recording and general sound design), Finale and Sibelius (for traditionally-notated music composition), and the Adobe Suite (for multimedia production). A wide range of microphones, instruments, and other production equipment is available for general use.

Area Coordinators Contact Information

Performance Area Area Coordinator
Piano/Organ Performance Dr. Kasandra Keeling
Voice Performance Dr. Susan Olson
Instrumental Performance Professor Sherry Rubins
Guitar Performance Dr. Isaac Bustos
String Performance Dr. Stephanie Westney
Choral Conducting Dr. Yoojin Muhn
Instrumental Conducting Dr. John Zarco
Music Education Dr. Si Millican
Piano Pedagogy and Performance Dr. Kasandra Keeling
Vocal Pedagogy and Performance Dr. Susan Olson

Further Information

For more information, please contact the appropriate area coordinator or the Graduate Advisors of Record, Dr. Drew Stephen and Dr. Stephanie Westney.

For more information about the UTSA Master of Music programs, and to have an application sent to you, please fill out the form below. If you wish to be admitted as an undergraduate, please phone the Music Department at (210) 458-4354.

It should be noted that electronic mail and other Internet communications channels are not necessarily secure against interception. While we take precautions, such as encrypting communications where appropriate, if your communication is very sensitive, or it includes information such as academic history or grades, you might want to send it by postal mail instead. For more information about the UTSA Privacy Policy please go to UTSA Privacy Policy.


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