Why Study American Sign Language?

Unlock the fascinating world of American Sign Language (ASL), one of America's most popular and studied languages. As a visual-spatial language, ASL is a complete language with its own rules and structure, used by millions of individuals in the United States and parts of Canada for more than 200 years. ASL is a complete and natural language with all the linguistic traits of spoken language.


While the actual date of ASL's formation remains unknown, it results from a long and progressive evolution of several signed languages that existed as far back as the 16th century. In the early 19th century, the first permanent public school for the Deaf in the United States was established, which played a pivotal role in shaping the rich and complex history of American Sign Language (ASL). French Sign Language, Native Sign Language, and Martha Vineyard/Kentish Sign were brought together through this event, and over time, they evolved into the ASL that we know today. These signed languages were integrated and transformed over time, giving rise to the unique beauty and richness of ASL that is evident today.


Studying ASL is a valuable and rewarding experience for many reasons. By learning ASL, students can gain a deeper understanding of Deaf culture and the experiences of Deaf individuals while opening up career opportunities in fields such as education, social work, and healthcare, as well as specific career paths that require ASL skills, such as interpreting, counseling, or working with Deaf children in schools. Moreover, studying ASL can be a lot of fun and provide a unique opportunity for students to develop their communication skills and connect with others in the Deaf community.


Join the millions of individuals who have already discovered the benefits of learning ASL. Whether you're interested in language, culture, or communication, studying ASL can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a valuable and enriching experience.


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Corey Gember


Corey Gember

Professor of Practice

Modern Languages and Literatures


ASL Courses Offered at UTSA

ASL 1014 - Elementary ASL I

ASL 1024 - Elementary ASL II

ASL 2013- Intermediate ASL I

ASL 2023- Intermediate ASL II