Chinese Language and Culture Club holding papers The Chinese Language and Culture Club’s purpose is to provide opportunities to everyone who is curious to learn about Chinese language and its cultures. Our club hosts weekly meetings where we
gather as a community of people interested in Chinese arts, language, and customs.

Meetings will be in-person Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm. Location is TBD.
From instructor-led Chinese art crash courses to school-held festivals, our club values its diverse
community by providing our members with the resources necessary to learn hands-on for free!
Above all else, we would like to make this club a fun and enjoyable experience while we learn at our own pace. We welcome all to join us in our meetings and hope to see you there!

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If you would like to practice your German language skills, regardless of whether you are starting out with German or are already sehr gut at Deutsch, the German faculty hosts a Stammtisch conversation hour that is open to students, staff, and faculty. Come get to know other German-enthusiasts!

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 schedule:

Wednesdays 3-4pm in MH 4.01.01 

There is also a student-run German Club. Students of all levels can get involved!

For more information, subscribe to the UTSA German list-serv or contact: Dr. Donohue-Bergeler

JSA strives to be an active cultural organization which provides a friendly environment for it's members to participate in a variety of cultural performances, socials, and weekly meetings that will showcase different aspects of Japanese culture. To become a member of JSA, you need to be an actively enrolled student, alumni, or employee of UTSA. We accept members of ALL backgrounds, and there is currently NO dues required to join!

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The Japanese Book Club strives to improve students’ Japanese language proficiency through the acts of reading, writing, and creativity. Through literature, students will have the chance to broaden their perspective on the world and obtain more knowledge of Japanese society.

The JBC hopes to cultivate a creative mindset and promote global awareness through cultural narrative. Additionally, we hope to provide leadership and support for those seeking tutoring. 

The Korean Book Club studies the Korean language by exploring different medias to further develop pronunciation, intonation and flow of speech.

We meet every Monday at 3:30pm and Tuesday at 3pm starting September. Meetings will be in-person at MH 4.02.68 (McKinney Humanities). Hope to see you there!

The Korean Culture Club seeks to unify students through the different aspects of Korean culture such as music, food, television, and more.

We strive to nurture a welcoming environment for students who are interested in Korean culture and provide a space to explore similar interests through fun and interactive activities.

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Здравствуйте! Welcome to the Russian Club! We like to explore everything about Russia, from the language and the culture to the people and their history. We do this by holding bi-weekly meetings on Friday evenings. Each meeting has a different topic, so you will always have something new to learn! If you are interested in the Russian culture and language, please stop by to one of our club meetings! You do not need to know any Russian to stop by, all are welcome. Plus, there is free food!

Thank you, and hopefully we will see you at one of our meetings! До свидания

Come learn and practice Spanish with us! We have been a part of UTSA since 2013! Join us weekly, either in person or virtually, as we immerse ourselves in the language and culture of all our beautiful Spanish-speaking countries. Learn about the history and traditions of the Hispanic/Latin@ community worldwide and in San Antonio. We always provide FREE one-on-one tutoring in Spanish, participate in many cultural events, and have fantastic guest speakers. We do volunteer work as we connect students to our community. Any student can join the club at no cost. Members can be Spanish native speakers, Spanish heritage speakers, beginners in Spanish, or anyone who wants to experience and learn about the Hispanic/Latin@culture. We are an inclusive club. Everyone is welcome.

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La Comunidad is more than just a student organization, it is also a Living Learning Community (LLC)! This themed residential community offers students a unique and enriching immersive environment where Spanish varieties and cultures are not just studied but lived and experienced on a consistent basis. Proudly sponsored by the Spanish as a Heritage Language Program, La Comunidad provides opportunities for cultural enrichment, language practice, and community engagement. Connect with fellow students and participate in exciting social events and activities throughout the academic year. Please join us! 


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