Knowledge for Freedom: Migration, Democracy, & the American Experiment

Sponsored by the Teagle Foundation and the UTSA

Interdisciplinary School for Engagement with the Humanities and Social Sciences


Become Bold Leaders as The Teagle Foundation and UTSA Help Pave Your Pathway to College

Knowledge for Freedom: Migration, Democracy, & the American Experiment is a UTSA university residential summer program that offers ambitions high school rising seniors the opportunity to experience university life through an engaging

seminar and academic programming aimed at engaging them with the texts, ideas, and virtues that inform an active civic leader.

For 4 weeks during July, students, while living in the UTSA residential buildings, take a seminar on seminal texts that inform democracy. They will engage the “big” ideas that go into making of the American democratic experiment. Each class will be guided by award-winning university professors and exceptional university student mentors. Our discussions will center around how the pivotal texts that we read help us to understand the relationships amongst migration, democracy, and freedom.

But this is more than just a seminar. Students will receive tutelage on college-level skills, the college admissions and financial aid process, college life, choosing a major, how to apply to college and for scholarships, and many of the other topics that can confuse students during the college application process.

Upon graduation from the seminar, students will continue to work with the UTSA Honors College as they develop and execute their class civic-leadership project. Our Engaged Learning Lab will also assist them with college applications, including procuring letters of recommendation from the professors of the summer seminar.

There is no cost for this program. Take this chance of a lifetime!

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