ENG 4933 English Internship

The Department of English offers academic credit through ENG 4933 while students gain concurrent experience in an internship. In addition to providing the opportunity to network, an internship allows students to translate academic skills and interests into a real-world, professional setting as they prepare for graduation and career.

Students interested in ENG 4933 must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Junior or Senior Classification
  • Minimum 3.0 UTSA G.P.A.
  • Completion of ENG 1013, ENG 1023, and ENG 2213
  • Completion of two Upper Division 3000-4000 level ENG courses
Maia Adamina


Maia Adamina, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Practice



Application Process

Begin the application process by visiting the COLFA Center for Student Success well in advance of the semester you want to intern during!

Once all your information is complete, a member from the COLFA Center for Student Excellence will review your information and notify you and the English Department internship course instructor (Maia.Adamina@utsa.edu) you are eligible for registration in ENG 4933.

ENG 4933 is a 3 credits course designed for English majors. It fulfills specific degree requirement for students pursuing the B.A. in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing. Other students pursuing the B.A. in English or the B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing may apply the internship course towards their degree requirements as an Upper Division English Elective. ENG 4933 may be repeated once for credit, however, only three hours of internship credit may be applied towards students’ major requirements.