About the Brackenridge Distinguished Visiting Professorship in Classics

A generous endowment by the George W. Brackenridge Foundation of San Antonio enables the Department of Philosophy and Classics to bring distinguished guests to speak to undergraduates on topics of outstanding interest to ancient philologists, archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, art historians, and philosophers.

In fitting with the Foundation’s aim to provide first-class educational opportunities to underserved students, the Professorship particularly honors those whose work embodies both scholarly rigor and a more synoptic perspective. Events are open to students and faculty of UTSA and other local and regional universities and colleges, as well as the general public.

Spring 2014: John Bishop

Past Honorees

Other recent honorees have included:

  • Simon Critchley (The New School)
  • Maurizio Bettini (Universita degli Studi di Siena)
  • Richard Martin (Stanford University)
  • A. A. Long (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Charles Segal (Harvard University)
  • Michael Grant (Cambridge University)
  • Sir Kenneth Dover (University of St. Andrews)