Welcome to the Department of Philosophy and Classics, the home of UTSA's programs devoted to philosophy, humanities and the study of the ancient world.

As a discipline, Philosophy has developed into an institution whose field of inquiry consists not only of the traditional four areas -- metaphysics, epistemology, moral philosophy/ethics, and social-political philosophy -- but also a wide range of other areas including history of philosophy, logic, philosophy of science (or cognitive science), aesthetics, and likewise.

Classics is the study of ancient Greek and Roman civilization in all its aspects -- language, literature, art, archaeology, history and culture -- from pre-historical times to the rise of Christianity. It also encompasses the exploration of how this tradition has been received by modern Western and other societies, as well as its continuing influence on contemporary culture. Multidisciplinary by nature, Classics embraces perspectives and approaches from art history, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy and literary studies in order to better understand the ancient world and our inheritance from it.

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