Amber Chin, Fullbright Scholar, 2021-2022
April 30, 2021

UTSA student earns Fulbright Scholarship

Her project is focused on political science and social media network analysis, specifically how our political affiliations translate into our digital environments. She's currently completing the first year of German language classes at UTSA, which will help her acclimate to daily life in Rostock.

For their efforts, Hyjek and Martinez received official participation certificates, transcripts, and of course an awesome T-shirt, not to mention significantly approved ability with the Japanese language
April 27, 2021

UTSA Students do virtual study abroad at japanese university

Hyjek and Martinez maintained a grueling schedule attending UTSA by day while studying at Kyoto University from 8 p.m. every evening until three in the morning, Monday through Friday. Both students worked alongside UTSA professor Mimi Yu who served as an unofficial liaison helping student navigate the virtual halls and classrooms of the Japanese university.