Affiliated Researchers

Bryan P Bayles: Medical anthropology, culture theory, public health, qualitative methods, epigraphy. Mesoamerica, US Southwest

Bernadette Cap: Mesoamerica, Classic Maya, economic organization, marketplaces, remote sensing (satellite imagery and LiDAR data), soil chemical testing, spatial analysis using GIS, macro- and micro-artifact analysis, museum studies and curation

Richardson Gill: Archaeology, paleoclimatology, self-organization, Texas and Latin American history, range science and ecology

Donald V Kurtz: Political anthropology, anthropological theory, cultural analysis, social organization. Mesoamerica, South Asia

Jon C Lohse: Ancient Maya political and social organization, environmental archaeology

James H McDonald: Political and economic anthropology, political economy, agricultural development, applied anthropology, sociocultural change, organizational culture. Mexico, Guatemala, US

William L. Merrill : Curator of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution Interests: Ethnology. Mexico, North America

Molly Morgan: Mesoamerican Preclassic, household archaeology, environmental archaeology

Paula Pebsworth: Primate behavioral ecology, nutritional anthropology, geophagy, ethnoprimatology, chacma baboons, chimpanzees

Dorie Reents-Budet: Art and culture history; material culture, iconography and epigraphy; museum studies; archaeometry. Ancient Americas, Mesoamerica, Maya

Robin Robertson: Maya civilization ceramic analysis. Mesoamerica

John R Roney: Archaeology, early agriculture, ancient roads, settlement systems, Archaic, Chaco. American Southwest, Northern Mexico

Karen Stothert: Archaeology, culture and technology. Ecuador, Latin America. US Plains, Texas, Mesoamerica

Alexei Vranich: Archaeology, monumental architecture, complex society, urbanism, cultural heritage, Andes


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