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At the time of submission, you will receive an automated email notification that your request has been received. Your BSC Specialist will also confirm receipt directly within 48 hours, and begin processing the request. Your BSC Specialist will communicate directly if there are any questions or concerns regarding the request, and will let you know when the request is complete.

See the instructions on this page.

Yes, an Expense Report (Reimbursement form) is always required to close out the Travel Authorization after the trip has been completed. In some cases, even though you don't have receipts, you might still be owed per diem. Also, we need to include the airfare and/or any other receipts for that trip that the BSC or your dept. admin paid with their OneCards.

Check the applicable Restricted Region List. This would tell you if your destination requires approval from the International Oversight Committee.  IOC approval must be obtained before requesting a Travel Authorization.