When is it required?

Which events/items can be included on the same form?

  • The form allows up to 3 events to be included on the same form.
  • Purchases/payments related to the same event (Ex: catering, dry cleaning, decorations)
  • Multiple meals for the same activity (candidate breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • Do not include on the same BEF form: multiple unrelated events

What goes in “ Other ” ?

  • Service fees
  • Tablecloths
  • Non-consumables
  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Club memberships
  • Sponsorships

Examples of Business Purpose:

  • Donor cultivation
    • Lunch/dinner with ___________to cultivate relationship and encourage UTSA patronage.
    • Lunch/dinner with ___________to   discuss capital campaign and   encourage UTSA patronage.
    • Lunch/dinner with ___________to discuss   support of [Athletics division].
    • Lunch/dinner with ___________to discuss support of [specific UTSA initiative].
  • Business meals   (employee only)
    • Lunch/dinner   to discuss   ___________.
  • Employee appreciation
    • Holiday reception to celebrate employee excellence, contribution to university and improve employee relations.
  • Event/gift   to recognize employee excellence and service to the university.

Who needs to sign?

  • Event Host/Individual Certifying Payment (Requestor)
  • Department Manter (Approver)
  • See   BEF Quick Reference Policy Chart   for what additional signatures may be required

Backup documentation

  • Receipts
  • List of participants   with affiliation to UTSA
  • Agenda if applicable
  • Justification for over the per person limit (VP)
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