During your semester in Urbino, you have an amazing opportunity to take classes in ceramics, painting, leather mask-making, sculpture, stone carving, and metal jewelry work. You also have the opportunity to take a cooking class and learn how to make typical Italian dishes. This is a chance to work directly with acclaimed local artists who continue the traditions that have made Urbino famous for centuries. All classes have been designed specifically for UTSA students to enhance the Semester in Urbino experience. 

Click on the titles for details of classes and information on the artists

Ceramics with Marcello Pucci | Sculpture with Giovanna GiustoOil Painting with Davide Avogadro | Leather Mask-Making with FàMaschera | Metalwork and Jewelry Design with Rubèn Rojo | Stone Carving with Severino Braccialarghe | Film Photography with Emanuele Bertoni

Cooking Classes with Giovanni Garbugli at the Sugar Cafè