Posted on May 2, 2024 by Nick Ward

COLFA Faculty and Staff shined at this year's University Excellence Awards with 13 awardees from 8 different departments and schools recognized for their achievements this year!
University Excellence Awards Logo

University Excellence Awards Logo

Dear Colleagues, 

What a wonderful day in COLFA!!! This morning we learned that 13 of our colleagues in 8 different departments and schools were awarded our university’s highest honor – the President’s University Excellence Award. Our colleagues distinguished themselves across multiple categories including teaching, undergraduate service, core curriculum teaching, university service, research, community engagement and innovation/impact. Highlighted among the achievements of our award winners were efforts in prison education, work in public humanities, engagement with Hollywood screenwriters, research in environmental history, sharing of musical expertise in the community, and study abroad/away.

I am enormously proud of each of our awardees and thank them for the continuous efforts that they give to COLFA each and every day and their families for sharing each of them with us. These awards are but a slice of the excellent work that is happening every day in our college. I am equally proud of all of our COLFA nominees this year. I know we are all extremely busy at this time of the semester, but I think we would all do well to take a moment to celebrate these accomplishments and to look forward with great hope to the wider impacts of our collective work in creating a better world for our communities in San Antonio, South Texas and around the world. I would be remiss if I failed to recognize the outstanding work of Dr. Makiko Fukuda and the entire COLFA Faculty Success in helping us to reach this wonderful outcome for our college. 

2024 University Excellence Award Winners

Richard S. Howe Excellence in Teaching Award - Dr. Mel Webb, Professor of Instruction, Philosophy and Classics 

Richard S. Howe Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Service Award - Dr. Paul Ardoin, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Classics 

Teaching Excellence Award (T) - Dr. James Mcdonald, Associate Professor, Communication 

Core Curriculum Award (FTT) - Prof. Andrea Aleman, Professor of Practice, Political Science and Geography 

University Service Award (FTT) - Prof. Jodi Peterson, Distinguished Teaching Professor, History

Advancing Globalization Award - Dr. Catherine Nolan-Ferrell, Associate Professor, History

Community Engagement Award (TT) - Dr. Jessica Nowlin, Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Classics 

Community Engagement Award (FTT) - Dr. Stephanie Westney, Professor of Instruction, Music 

Innovation and Impact (I-Squired) Award - Dr. Paul Ardoin, Prof. John Herrera, Marta Solis, and Prof. Guillermina Zabala Suarez 

Research Achievement (FTT) - Dr. Neel Baumgardner, Senior Lecturer, History

Performance, Creative Production or Creative Work (TT) - Dr. Valeria Meiller, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures 

Con gran respeto y admiración,

Signature of Dean Glenn Martinez, Associate Dean Jon Taylor and Assistant Dean Makiko Fukuda

— Nick Ward