Posted on March 29, 2022 by COLFA

On Monday, March 28th, Dr. Valeria Meiller led the Creative Writing Express workshop which was a huge success. In this workshop, students had the chance to engage in a fun creative writing exercise.
Creative Writing Express

Creative Writing Express

The first part of the exercise consisted in students writing one, two or how many words they wanted. These words were written on pieces of paper that were passed around the classroom to whomever was ready to contribute their own word. After this, everyone got out their notebooks, journals or anything they could write on, to actually begin the exercise. The previously collected set of words was received by Dr. Meiller and used for the following. As students began to write their own text, Dr. Meiller would exclaim aloud every minute or so one of the words collected. Students had to find creative ways to incorporate each of these words in their piece of writing. This process ended until time ran out. The event ended with several students reading aloud their creations or someone else's.

Japanese Book Club workshop collage

Dr. Valeria Meiller giving a workshop on creative thoughts and writing