Posted on March 14, 2022 by COLFA

MARCH 14, 2022 - SAN ANTONIO – The Russian invasion is slowly taking over Ukraine, with the U.N. reporting at least 549 civilian deaths and 41 children included in that number.

“They changed their approach to being much more willing to take risk on civilian lives and being much more brutal for lack of a better word in their approach,” Matthias Hofferberth, associate professor of political science at UTSA, said.

Hofferberth has been following the conflict closely, even prior to Russia’s invasion.

“We have to live with this war for quite some time,” Hofferberth said.

When analyzing the motivation behind the invasion, he speculates there are several including geopolitical and territorial gains but also global motivations.

“There would still be this sort of intrinsic security motivation to not have a country bordering Russia, which becomes a member of NATO,” Hofferberth said.

When looking at those bordering countries like Poland, Estonia, and Latvia, there is fear that if Russia takes Ukraine, they’ll keep marching on.

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