Jason Yaeger, Ph.D.

Professor, COLFA Associate Dean, UTSA President's Endowed Professor, Anthropology

Jason Yaeger



I enjoy teaching, and I use a variety of media and methods to teach students what we know about the past, how we know it, and how it can help us understand ourselves and the world around us. My research strengthens my teaching, as I bring to the classroom the most recent interpretations and data from my research, as well as first-hand accounts of fieldwork and the process of interpreting archaeological data. I teach a variety of courses, from large introductory lecture courses, to small graduate and undergraduate seminars, and a summer archaeological field school in Belize. These include introductory courses on archaeology and more advanced courses on Maya and Mesoamerican civilizations, ancient complex societieis, indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, and the ethnohistory and historical archaeology of New Spain.

Prospective students: I am accepting MA and Ph.D. students. My current research in Belize holds particular opportunities for students who are interested in LiDAR, remote sensing, and settlement survey; the organization of Maya hinterland households and communities; Maya warfare and conflict; and the relationships between the human-environment interface and socio-political change. Students with other research foci are also welcome to apply, as are those who have other fieldwork sites for their thesis or dissertation research.

Current Ph.D. Students: Anthony DeLuca, Rebecca Morris, Michael Petrozza, Sebastián Salgado-Flores, Jason Whitaker

Current MA Students: Mark Eli


  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2000

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