Charles Gentry, Ph.D.

Lecturer, History

Charles Gentry, Ph.D.


Dr. Charles Gentry is a versatile interdisciplinary scholar who works as a Lecturer in the African American Studies Program at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and a researcher with the UTSA Center for Cultural Sustainability. He also teaches in the UTSA Department of History and the Johns Hopkins University Cultural Heritage Management Program. He received a doctoral degree from the University of Michigan in American Culture and a B.A. from UTSA in American Studies. Dr. Gentry's interests include African American history, film and media studies, performance studies, arts management, and cultural policy. His current research includes an examination of the history of segregation in San Antonio, its impact on African American communities on the city’s Eastside, and the potential outcomes of recent urban development policies and planning initiatives that focus on equity and inclusion. A San Antonio native, Dr. Gentry has taught high school and college-level arts, culture, and computer application courses, and was a curator and theater manager at the Flint Institute of Arts in Michigan. He is a Certified Tourism Ambassador, World Heritage Ambassador, high school lacrosse coach, and community volunteer.

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