Blair Bodden

Professor of Instruction, Photography, Darkroom/VRC/ Print Center Manager, Art and Art History

Laura Bodden


Laura Blair Bodden (b. 1982, Pleasanton, TX USA) is a contemporary artist who works primarily in photography. Her work investigates the idea of an in-between space, a space of transition. This is done by inventing a setting for liminal space by creating shadows from constructed landscapes to capture them within the camera. Process is an intricate and detailed part of her practice, building and constructing the subject matter for her photographs. With her work, Bodden thinks in narratives and speaks with imagery that is both beautiful and awkward in the same moment. She creates images that speak to time and space, using imagery that plays on the border where imagination meets the real.

Education Master of Fine Arts, Studio Arts Photography, Maine College of Art and Design, Portland, ME, 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Arts Photography, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio TX, 2012

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