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The flute & marimba duo Duo 彩 AYA (Dr. Rachel Woolf and Makana Jimbu) opens UTSA’s new Maestría Faculty Concert Series with Cycles, an exploration of the rich musical cultures and landscapes around the globe and beyond. Featuring three 2023 Duo 彩 AYA commissions by Evan Williams, Mirama Young, Paul Millette, and Fumihiro Ono, Cycles explores how the Western classical flute and marimba interact with global musical styles from Africa, Japan, Indonesia, India, and Brazil. The program also explores the interconnectedness of the mycelium network as well as the exploration of what it may sound like to explore sounds from a newly discovered planet.

This concert will be livestreamed via the School of Music's Facebook page:


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Duo 彩 AYA kicks off its Cycles tour with its opening concert at the UTSA School of Music. The first of the new Maestría Faculty Concert series!

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November 01, 2023 07:30 PM - 08:30 PM



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