Welcome to the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at the University of Texas at San Antonio! Our students, faculty, and staff often refer to us as “COLFA”. As you browse these pages, you will see the breadth of creativity and the depth of critical engagement that characterize our disciplines and that permeate the COLFA experience. Our faculty and students are artists, performers, writers, linguists, archaeologists, historians, geographers, researchers, and philosophers. Our programs offer students familiarity with the core theoretical concepts and methods of our disciplines while inviting them to apply these concepts and methods to respond to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges of our times and to contextualize them within the unique cultural tapestry of the South Texas region.

As a COLFA student, you will have access to knowledge and understanding that spans the globe through our departments of History, Political Science and Geography, and Modern Languages and Literatures. You will discover the genius of writers, philosophers, artists, and musicians across the ages through our departments of English, Philosophy and Classics, Art and Art History, and Music. You will engage in timely research on language and communication through our department of Communication and our programs in linguistics, translation and interpreting, and professional and technical writing. You will gain humanities-informed career preparation in our interdisciplinary programs in Medical Humanities, Healthcare Interpreting, and Museum Studies.

COLFA is the college that is dedicated to exploring, metabolizing, understanding, and representing the human experience in the totality of its diversity, in the contexts of its environments, and in the arc of its history. Because of this, here in COLFA we view ourselves as the heart and soul of UTSA. I invite you to be a part of everything that COLFA has to offer.

Please feel free to stop by our office on the fourth floor of the McKinney Humanities Building or to drop me a line via email at glenn.martinez@utsa.edu. I would be delighted to talk with you about the “COLFA experience” and to further describe for you the “COLFA edge.”

Glenn Martinez


Glenn Martinez

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