Spring 2022: Linguistics and LiteratureMusic
Dr. Bridget Drinka, Dr. Drew Stephen, Dr. Molly Zaldivar, Dr. John Zarco

Spring 2020: Music and Psychology
Dr. Drew Stephen, Dr Mary McNaughton-Cassill and Dr. James Bray

Fall 2019: Political Science and Global Affairs
Dr. Boyka Stefanova

Spring 2019: Medical Humanities and Psychology
Dr. Sandra Morisette, Dr. Kirsten Gardner

Spring 2018: Music; Linguistics
Dr. Drew Stephen, Dr. Bridget Drinka

Fall 2017: Political Science and Global Affairs
Dr. Melvin Laracy

Spring 2017: Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Dr. Kimberly Fonzo, Dr. Bernadette Andrea

Fall 2016: History of Food and History of Film
Dr. Kolleen Guy

Spring 2016: Music; Art History
Dr. Drew Stephen, Dr. Annie Labatt, Dr. Molly Zaldivar

Fall 2015: History of Medicine and Public History
Dr. Kirsten Gardner

Spring 2015: Literature and Linguistics
Dr. Bridget Drinka, Dr. Bernadette Andrea

Fall 2014: European History
Dr. Anne Hardgrove

Spring 2014: Art and Music History
Dr. Judith Sobre, Dr. Molly Zaldivar, Dr. Drew Stephen

Spring 2013: Italian and European History
Dr. Kolleen Guy

Spring 2012: Literature and Linguistics
Dr. Bernadette Andrea, Dr. Molly Zaldivar, Dr. Bridget Drinka