The COLFA Semester in Urbino is a signature study abroad program at UTSA offering you an extraordinary and affordable opportunity to complete a full semester of your degree while living in Italy. If you have dreamed of traveling to Italy and studying abroad, this is your chance!

Students participating in the COLFA Semester in Urbino take up to 16 credit hours of courses that can be applied toward UTSA degrees. You will live in University of Urbino dorms that are ranked among the world’s best student housing with meals provided at the University of Urbino cafeterias. During the semester you will travel to over twelve different cities, including Rome, Florence, and Venice, with itineraries designed by your professors to enhance your courses and help you achieve a rich understanding of Italian history and culture.

Financial aid and existing scholarships can be used for your semester abroad and many study-abroad scholarships are available. If cost is a concern, please talk to us. The COLFA Semester in Urbino may be more affordable than you think: you can’t afford not to go!

In fact, the COLFA Semester in Urbino is truly an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. The impact of a study abroad program on your studies and your career is so strong that many universities, including UTSA, make it an integral part of every college education. Employers and graduate school recruiters actively seek people who are flexible, multilingual, able to adapt to changing circumstances, and comfortable in multicultural settings–exactly the skills that are developed when you study abroad. During the COLFA Semester in Urbino, you will live and learn in an environment that will expose you to views that will enrich your social and cultural experience. Upon your return to San Antonio, you will have a deeper understanding of your place in the world and be prepared to make lasting contributions to the international community.

For some very convincing arguments backed by compelling statistics on the impact a study abroad program can have on your studies and your career, read the USA Today article, “Study Abroad is Necessity, not Luxury,” by the respected and widely-read travel writer Rick Steves and the Why Study Abroad” page on the (Institute of International Education) website. Truly, you can’t afford NOT to participate!

Interested in learning more about the long-term benefits of studying abroad? Watch the video from the UTSA Study Abroad Office.