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Dr. Miguel DeOliver is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science & Geography at UTSA.  Dr. DeOliver’s research centers upon racial and gender disparities in the postmodern urban landscape. A particular interest has been consumerism and the manifestations of social inequality in the North American built environment. Dr. DeOliver earned his PhD at Pennsylvania State University.

Some of his publications include: “We are all Half-breeds now…in a not so ivory tower", Marketing Latinos as Development Policy: San Antonio and the Reproduction of Underprivilege”, and "Multicultural Consumerism and Racial Hierarchy: a Case Study of Market Culture and the Structural Harmonisation of Contradictory Doctrines”.

Recent Courses

• GRG 1023 World Regional Geography
• GRG 3113 Geography of the United States and Canada
• GRG 3643  Political Geography
• GRG 3433 Geography and Politics of the Asian Rim

Recent Publications

• de Oliver, M. (forthcoming) “We are all half-breeds now…in a not so ivory tower.” In Briscoe, F. & Khalifa M. (Eds). Oppression, Resistance, and emergence: Critical Autoethnographies     of  Educators from Different Social Spaces. New York: SUNY press.

• de Oliver, M. (2011) “Nativism and the obsolescence of grand narrative: Comprehending the quandary of anti-immigration groups in the neoliberal era.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 37:7 (August), pp. 977-997.

• de Oliver, M. and F. Briscoe (2011) “US Higher Education in a Budgetary Vortex – 1992 to 2007: Tracing the Positioning of Academe in the Context of Growing Inequality.” Higher Education 62:5 (November), pp. 607-618.

•  de Oliver, M. (2008) “Democratic Materialism: The Articulation of World Power in Democracy’s Era of Triumph.” Journal of Power 1:3 (December), pp. 355-383.


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